Gemstone Painted Leaf Studs.



Gemstone Painted Leaf Studs.

Hand painted aluminium leaves paired with ethically sourced gemstones.
The leaves are pressed and cut aluminium.
The leaves are made from aluminium for its hypoallergenic and lightweight qualities.

At Luna Maille we only work with high quality ethically sourced gemstones, jump rings crafted from 925 silver, 9ct rose gold and 9ct yellow gold.

Our leaves are pressed from Aluminium sheet for easy-wear, light weight statement jewellery. Bringing a classic look to chainmail.

Handcrafted, Irish made gemstone leaf studs. Made In Ireland, Shop By Gemstone/ Birthstone/ Necklace/ Earrings/ Pendant/Brooch


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Weight 100 g

Red, Green Tone & Opalite Leaf Studs, Blue Tone & Aqua Chalcedony Leaf Studs, Green & Amethyst Leaf Studs, Aqua Green Tone & Hematite Leaf Studs, Purple, Black Tone & Green Fluorite Leaf Studs

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