Gift Boxes

The Gift Box Initiative

We wanted to take the shop local/support local to the next level by providing something that would have a knock on effect. Not only for the customer to receive a well wrapped high quality product but also getting a taste of other small businesses.
And don’t we all like getting something for free?

We are strong believers in spoiling yourself and weather you’re gifting or self gifting we think it makes the arrival of your order more special if you’re getting something for free.

We only include items in our gift boxes that are made by the businesses we work with.
All items have been bought at fair prices from the businesses to support Irish enterprises.

If you have a small business and would like to be included in our gift boxes, please get in touch. Contact us here

Please note that the items in our Gift Boxes are subject to availability and the selection varies from gift box to gift box. See our FAQs for more information.

What’s In Our Gift Box This Season?

Cauldron Candles

Intrigue your senses

A range of alternative, handmade delights. inspired by the strange & unusual, fantasy novels and popular culture. We produce high quality, alternative, scented candles & wax melts. Using the finest wax & vegan friendly fragrances.
All products are handmade in Co Cavan, to a high quality finish.

Cauldron Candles are a personal favourite of mine, not only are their products well made and smell amazing but they operate with a strong sustainability ethic. All of their candles & melts are hand poured in small batches. Their ingredients are vegan and importantly cruelty free. They also ethically source the pigments & bio glitters used in their products; they also pack all their wax melts in compostable bags.
We are delighted to have partnered with them on our gift boxes and they are a must have for that cosy night or if you’re in the need of some relaxation. We have three of their scents in stock for our gift boxes.

SUN – A vibrant & sweet combination of goji berries and blackcurrant, blended with uplifting & zesty blood orange.

Midnight Margarita – Has a zesty lime accord with notes of vanilla.

Triple Moon – With a rich & creamy musk and sandalwood scent.

Guru Tea House

Our Tea Story

Our tea is fresh! Our tea is tasty! and most importantly it is fair.
Yes! Our tea is ethically traded. This means that you are helping us, to help others, to help themselves. That is a big, long line of help.________________ <— longer than that line even.
Our flavours have been described as sublime… but hey! we don’t want to boast. We just want to share with you what we love & our passion for tea.
It was in the 16th century, when Sen no Rikyu first set the foundations for tea drinking ceremonies, and today it lives on through our own personal practice.
Drink tea, prepare it with friends, and prepare it alone. Speak about your dreams, remember your loved ones,
-be present-
Savour the bitterness of green tea, enjoy the fruitiness of berries & yes! You can eat them afterwards.
Allow the energy from black tea infused with the aromas of petals to envelop your senses & boost you when you need it most.
Guru Tea house has got your back.
Whether the tea you desire is green, black, fruit, herb or white, we have it all…
We even have red tea!

‘’We couldn’t be happier to be working with Guru Tea House, Such an amazing selection of tea. These are not only a strong staple in our gift boxes but I do like to sneak them into every order because I believe in taking time for ourselves, putting on the kettle and taking a few minutes for our own thoughts over a cuppa makes the day flow together’’

We have five different flavours in stock for our gift boxes and one for every order.
Diamond tea is a revitalising mixture of green tea, mango and sunflower.
Its light sweet taste and yellow green colour is a treat for the senses.
Body and Soul is a refreshing blend of rooibos, fruit and spices. This tea is absolutely free from caffeine content and is also low in tannins.
Moroccan mint tea is enjoyed in copious amounts all over morocco. Although it is prepared multiple times a day, they never cut their ritual short in any way. nana mint is by far the nicest mint tea, sweeter in taste & refreshing too! Mint is an excellent digestive tea for after meals.
Red Dragon tea its subtle sour cherry flavour is quickly forgiven by the sweet hibiscus. Allow the gentle blend of delicious ingredients to envelop your senses… one cup at a time. The berries will swell & infuse with hot water, they can be consumed after your tea is finished!
Chocolat-tea For Centuries cacao has been prepared for ceremonial purposes. We still consume it to this day… Chocolat-tea is a rich tea loved by all but mostly, by the ladies. Add milk for a delicious twist. Cacao was revered by the Mayan civilisation for its positive effect on the heart & the sixth sense!

Orla Culligan Ceramics

About Orla Culligan

Growing up in East Cork I spent a lot of time on the beach. My local beaches have always been an ample source of inspiration and influence for the ceramic style that I have now developed. When I walk along the beach, bright synthetic man-made colours sing out. On closer scrutiny these objects have a gorgeous range of textures where the sea has intervened. Seams and edges have softened, yet there is still clear evidence of manmade manufacturing processes, of the machine.
Although rubbish, these objects in the sand create a stark visual dialogue. It is off balance, but strangely appealing. A random still life, an accidental composition. Through my ceramic style and endeavour, I am creating my own flotsam and jetsam, a colourful compilation that fills your home with joy and freshness.
From these odds and ends, I create a discussion between the impersonal qualities of mass production and the personal aesthetic of the domestic environment. I do this through handmade functional pieces and art objects that highlight the making process and are intended to be held and used.
In addition, I recycle broken ceramic with Jesomite to create quirky accessories, turning the undesirable into the desirable and keeping my practice as sustainable as possible.

About the process
All my forms come from different mad-made objects I collected from my local beaches. I found my forms from collating and tracing over images I took of these objects.
From there I make plaster models using a plaster lathe or plaster wheel. The lathe is similar to the one used for wood turning and the wheel is similar to the one used for throwing. Starting from a solid cylinder of plaster I carve out each shape.
When I’m happy with my models I make plaster moulds. My moulds range from two piece moulds to five piece moulds depending on the object.
Slip casting is a method traditionally used for mass-production of pottery. Slip (liquid clay) is poured into a plaster mould, plaster absorbs water so as it reduces, layers of clay build up against the inside walls of the mould. I use stoneware slip in my work. To create the colours in my clay I add stains to my slip. I do three layers of slip, the outer colour, a middle layer with no stain (this is to build up the wall thickness without pushing up the cost as stains can be expensive) and an inside layer of either the same colour or a second colour.
Once each piece is bisque fired it is glazed on the inside with a transparent glaze to make it functional while keeping the matte finish on the outside. Each piece is sanded on the outside before and after the glaze firing so it has a silky smooth finish and is nice to touch.


“These reversible pouches are a must for every handbag/ backpack or briefcase. These add a splash of colour to keep your jewellery, cards and personal items safe”
I strongly believe in pockets. I am also pretty keen on polka dots, prints with animals on them, and reversible bags. Because why have only one when you can have two of a good thing?
I also strongly believe in cork and keeping things local, so everything is sourced here in cork, from the fabrics to the very machine I use. Some of the fabrics and buttons you’ll see are up-cycled and when that’s the case I will always state it clearly, so you know you’re making a green choice.

Galtee Honey Farm

Galtee Honey Farm is run by the Mac Giolla Codas, a well known beekeeping family in Ireland. Micheál and Aoife are both certified lecturers in beekeeping.
Galtee Honey Farm has about 150 hives of honey bees. These hives are sited in groups called apiaries throughout the Galtee Vee Valley and stretch over the three counties of Cork, Limerick and Tipperary.

“A perfect way to naturally care for your lips everyday”

Luna Maille

And last but not least these two offerings come from our own studio. We wanted to make an addition to the gift box as a thank you to our customers with two products that are useful in everyday life.

The gemstones we have used in our key rings are ethically sourced just like all the gemstones we use in all our jewellery.
Each key ring is unique and comes in an organza bag perfect for reusing.

Our pens are Irish made and we are over the moon with them, they are soft to the touch and write so smoothly without ink blotching at the ball point, making any writing experience a pleasant one.